Forgaffel Olie KYB Kayaba 01M 5L

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Denne forgaffel olie, bruges kun til forgaffel.

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KYB has been developing the KYB 01M FORK OIL with years of experience as being one of the world's leading hydraulic companies, a high quality oil to be used solely in suspension and to maximise performance. The oil is specifically designed and made to be used only in suspension. The oil viscosity, the additives, and more has been specifically selected and tested just to reach one goal, the best oil for the best results. The original KYB oil is being used from development, to testing and being used by OEM manufacturers all over the world to World Championship racetracks.

KYB 01M FORK OIL is specifically designed to be only used in suspension with the highest demands for optimal performance. KYB oil is recognised by OEM manufacturers all over the world to be oil of the highest quality and therefore the go-to oil for them.

  • Reduces the friction coefficient substantially
  • Increases seal life exponentially
  • A high temperature stability
  • Excellent anti-friction properties
  • Optimal ageing resistance
  • Reduction of excessive foaming


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